Linton's Enchanted Gardens : Savingscard

Want to save 10-75% off your plants, trees, and shrubs? Join Linton's Enchanted Gardens Green Thumb Savings Club, and start saving today! By joining this club, you will be issued a card which you present to our Customer Service staff, and with each purchase that you make, you will receive a 10% discount on all of your plant purchases.

What's the catch? There is no catch! The discount card can be used on all of your plant purchases! There are a few exceptions: sale items, delivery and planting fees, gift cards, landscaping contracts and maintenance services. Your card may only be used by you along with a photo ID.

An annual membership fee is only twenty bucks, and you could save more than that with your first purchase!

How do I get signed up? It's easy! Just contact any of our Garden Centre or Customer Service Staff, and they will provide you with a simple, and short application.

Anything else? Yes! As a Green Thumb Savings Club Member, you will also receive our free quarterly newsletter, and in each newsletter there will be coupons for a free plant! What could be any better? Nothing, so start saving today, and become a Green Thumb Savings Club Member!